The Sound of Heaven Touching Earth


I woke up this morning singing a song. Not out loud but somewhere deep inside. Ever had that experience? It happens to me pretty regularly. When it happens it actually feels like I’ve been singing whilst sleeping! Maybe I had. Maybe my spirit had been worshipping whilst my body was asleep. Is that possible? I don’t see why not. St Paul says ‘I will sing with my spirit but I will also sing with my understanding’ (1 Cor 14:15). Maybe the spirit can go on communing with Christ whilst the body is resting and regenerating.

I was singing a song I know quite well. Here’s what I was singing:

Spirit break out, break our walls down.
Spirit break out, Heaven come down. (x2)

Our Father, all of Heaven roars Your name.
Sing louder, let this place erupt with praise.
Can you hear it? The sound of Heaven touching earth.
The sound of Heaven touching earth. (x2)

Spirit break out, break our walls down.
Spirit break out, Heaven come down.

King Jesus, You’re the name we’re lifting high.
Your glory shaking up the earth and skies.
Revival – we want to see Your kingdom here.
We want to see Your kingdom here.

Spirit break out, break our walls down.
Spirit break out, Heaven come down.

What a great song! Written by Luke Hellebronth and Myles Dhillon, this is a deep, profound prayer with which I identify and share. Desiring more of God’s glorious kingdom here on earth. Right now. Today. In 2012.

Singing it and praying it is really important, for without prayer nothing of significance will happen. But it also needs action. That’s why the bible says (in Colossians 2:6 MSG): ‘You received Christ Jesus, the Master; now live him… Now do what you’ve been taught… Start living it! And let your living spill over into thanksgiving.’

That means that right here, right now I’m called to live the faith. To get stuck in, turning profound songs into profound action. And so are you. So pray with me: ‘Father, we want to see your kingdom here. We really do. So Spirit break out. Heaven come down. Across this wonderful world you have created. Use your people today. And use me.’

Now go. And live. For Christ.

5 comments on “The Sound of Heaven Touching Earth

  1. Hello, hope the sun is shining on you all. Tim Hughes sings this song, and it is very rest full. Great words to set the thinking working. katie

  2. Amazing! I’ve been waking up to the song Spirit Break Out in my mind this week too. As you say, its a great song, profound. Hopefully the Lord is working in the subconscious of many of us as we sleep and we really will see His kingdom breaking through in the world.

  3. Yes, Yes, Yes! Desiring more of God’s glorious kingdom here on earth. Right now. “Now is the day of salvation” (2 Corinthians 6:2)
    Jesus’ instructions for relationships, finances and authority all had to do with a life influenced by Heaven in the here and now.
    “Our capacity to remember what God has said and done in our lives and throughout history – the testimony- is one of the primary things that determines our success or failure in sustaining a Kingdom lifestyle of power for miracles” Bill Johnson
    Regularly I pray for the release of More power, more Love, more Healing and More Presence.
    WE are believing You for
    Heaven opened, earth invaded, Storehouses unlocked, and miracles created. dreams and visions, Angelic visitations. Divine manifestations. Anointing, Gifting and calls. Souls and more souls from every generations, all nations, Saved and set free.
    carrying Kingdom revelation. Thank you Father.

  4. I love the song, too—it has something very special on it. I think we will not take action until we have had a profound experience with the Holy Spirit. Most people have a lot of information and little life-changing experiences with God. Until we are willing to press into God for that– we will not see lasting change in our world because we will not have the power or conviction to make the change.

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